Ghost mannequin service or Neck joint Service is important terms for garment industry owners, Magazine business owners or professional photographers. At one point or the other, we’ve all been on Ecommerce websites that sell clothes. Have you ever been curious about how photos of those garments were taken?

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Well, here’s how.


The photographer, who initially takes the picture, dresses a mannequin with the needed apparel and then takes necessary pictures.


These images are then edited, in such a manner that makes the mannequin disappear, hence the name “Ghost Mannequin”.


ZAMAN IT is happy to provide you with this ghost mannequin service, which is ideal for any kind of images taken of clothing or garments that’s going to end up published somewhere. Images look a lot more professional on an Ecommerce site, by using this technique, than to go for a simpler image with a person or a mannequin wearing itself.



It also allows an onlooker to focus solely on the product, and less on the a person wearing it, which is extremely important. The last thing you need from a customer is to get carried away from the item you’re trying to sell.



Our team has ample experience working with these types of situations, so come on in and talk to us, we’ll tell you what we can do for you.



How to add a ghost mannequin to your image

To add a ghost mannequin, or invisible mannequin, to your photo, you’ll first need an image of the clothing with the mannequin, and one without the mannequin (so that the inside label is visible). Put the two images together at the neck — you can do this with a clipping path. Now you’ll have apparel that looks as though there is an invisible mannequin wearing it.


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Some ghost mannequins aren’t manipulated at the neck joint. Pants, watches and hats, for example, can also be edited to add natural volume and texture.


Clothing and accessories that are shown on invisible mannequin look more lifelike and natural, allowing customers to see how your product is meant to be worn in real life. We combine the ghost mannequin with other services, such as color correction or shadow effect, to achieve the brightest image possible.


When to use ghost mannequin

  • To add life, texture and volume to your products, especially apparel and accessories
  • If you need to cut the expense and challenges of hiring live models
  • When you want to show the back and front, or a 360-degree view, of your product
  • To showcase the inside of the apparel, as well as the brand and label on the inside tag(s)

When not to use ghost mannequin

  • If you want to show the products used in context, with real people
  • If tests on your website or digital advertising show that live models convert better

Typically, it is best to use a combination of ghost mannequin and live models. The ghost mannequin provides consistency for your main product thumbnails and images on websites or in catalogs, but live models add a human and relatability factor. It also puts the products into context for consumers.


Ghost mannequin at ZAMAN IT

Whether you shot the image using a clear, wire or non-transparent mannequin, we can work with your files to achieve the most natural-looking image. We’ll help you bring your products to life, add texture, and ultimately help you grow your business — all while taking a tedious task off your hands.


To this date, we’ve edited more than 8.5 million images — and counting. That means you receive images edited by highly skilled and experienced photo editors. Trust us and let us help you meet even the most aggressive deadlines, whether you have a job of one or one thousand photos.



We know how important it is to achieve real-looking images so you can sell more products. Online stores, print catalogs — and everything in between.