Features of Ecommerce with Shop Management

Using these features, multi-store eCommerce shopping cart Software would bring the expeditious power to you to run your business properly and smoothly.


Super Admin Panel

Using this admin panel, you can manage the entire system rapidly. Also, you can add a new user, create a user’s and store’s account. As well as, you can control the total business and multiple stores easily. He can also check individually or all store’s inventory, purchase, accounts, invoices, sales reports as well. He can also segregate that data as a report individually so that he can find out the needs and require stocks to manage the overall supply chain and business operations. By managing all these operations will lead the business to a sustainable and profitable one without a doubt. Great efficiency and accuracy is the key here.


Front-end Website Integration

In this software, that has a dynamic front-end website for managing your stores. Also, this software has a fully responsive design, clean code, and SEO friendly website for ensuring better front-store management. Moreover, this software has a customization facility. If you need any kind of customization, then you will do it easily. Because the system is flexible for customization. So, will ensure a strong online appearance with powerful brand awareness.



Multiple Store Management System

The issue software has the facility to operate multiple stores at the same time. Basically, multiple stores are managed under one super administrator. Using this software, you can manage administrative, financial, and overall business operations efficiently and accurately and you can generate reports automatically. Besides, large eCommerce enterprises may have multiple branches. Hence, the store accounts help to manage those branches and stores. As well as, playing a role in making product transactions between branches or stores easier and more efficient. So, using this software, you can maintain your stores inevitably and easily..


POS Management System

POS management system is an essential feature of any eCommerce business to maintain complete customer service and transparent transactions. Using this feature, you can manage online order successively. Also, this feature helps you to manage this task easily without any difficulty. You have to just click on creating an invoice and shipping products to the customer’s address.


Unlimited User Account

Using this software, you can get another tremendous feature that will provide you unlimited user facility. So, you can add an unlimited user in this software and there is no limitation at all. Here, you can create an unlimited user account and specify the role of his employees. Besides, you can create a store account as per your desire. As well as, you can distribute the job responsibility as per designation.


Invoicing & POS Invoicing System

The invoicing module allows you to create and manage invoices. Also, you can get the benefit of a barcode scan in this feature. Moreover, there is no problem in configuring the POS system because it is embedded in the eCommerce software. The most important advantage of this feature is that it can calculate accurate billing according to tax. So, you can enjoy the usability of the software easily and effectively.


Attractive Photo Management System

In this software, you can display responsive and beautiful pictures that will attract the customers very much. Moreover, this software has a photo gallery that helps you to manage product photos easily. Also, this software helps you to identify the products efficiently. So, the customer can order any product easily using this eCommerce shopping cart software.


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