Social media marketing often termed as SMM refers to the method of grabbing website traffic or customer attention with the help of social media sites. Social media marketing programs are used to create content in an effort of marketing a business across the globe by attracting targeted consumer base and leading to attention towards your business venture.
SMM encourages the readers of the news shared by any brand or company or firm to share further within their own circle of beings and this is how marketing through social media happens. Social media marketing is nothing less than a platform which provides access to everyone who is using that medium to be aware about any news or announcement shared over it. The only thing which is required by a user or a customer is the access to Internet. Improved organizational communication leads to the the awareness about a brand and therefore there is a high probability of improved customer service from business ends. Therefore, we claims that social media platforms acts as an effective and cost efficient tools of marketing the products and services of any business by  making use of multiple marketing campaigns.
You must be thinking that what impact does it really generate for a business apart from traffic? Well, reputation building is a big task associated with every business venture and marketing through social media does that for a business easily by creeping into the lives and routines of the customers.
A strong corporate message resonates among other competitors as well and even users appreciate the existence of a consistent branded firm as it sounds to appear and belong to a considerate, modern and trust holding enterprise. So, promotion of the business happens automatically from user to user and third party to other corporates. Hence, this form of marketing of a business is driven not only by Internet services but even by word-of-mouth of the public and hence it leads to earning the source of media instead of going for paid marketing through media channels.
It is no wonder that social media has transformed the way businesses were conducted earlier. It is evident that global leaders of the industries have come to an existence in the world because of the usage of strong media skills only. Whether online portals, websites, blogs, RSS feeds, Cross platform applications and even graphics, the usage of such social media skills have made them rise up multiple folds.
What ZAMAN IT can do for your business is not restricted to only few social toolkits, however we believe in exploding your business in every corner of the world by making it visible all over the web world as well as the physical world by cost effective methods. Few of these activities are – we craft social media platform promotion strategies for your brand, we identify the perfect platforms of communication for your business, we idealize and execute the campaigns necessary for your brand name, we monitor every tasks that matters for the modification of your business style, we handle all your public profiles whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., we manage your press releases and white papers, we design your blogs and video section and most importantly we give you a unique identity in the digital market by building a strong and unshakeable online reputation of your business.




  • Facebook Boost (100 TK per $)
  • Facebook Business Page Creation (10,000 Tk)
  • Facebook Text & Graphical Content Creation.(2500 Taka/Post)
  • Facebook Page Verification(Gray: 50,000 Taka, Blue: 1,00,000 Taka)
  • Photoshoot for product(15,000 Taka/1 Day)
  • TVC/AV development for facebook or Youtube or TV Advertisement(20000 Taka/Second)
  • Animation for product/service promotion.(2500 Taka Per Second)
  • Youtube Advertisement Boosting (100 Taka Per $)
  • Google Adward Posting(100 Taka Per $)